Paper Ocean Map

In this video you can learn how to make a topography inspired paper artwork. The subscription and video will guide you through the process and point out some important issues while making it.

Step 1 is to find a picture frame you like to use. Try to find a frame that gives you enough space to create more depth in your artwork. Ikea for example has some nice frames that are cheap, looking good and have a lot of depth possibilities, check for IKEA RIBBA.

Step 2 is to find your desired color theme in a nice gradient ( from light sheets to dark sheets ) to create a nice ombre effect. I couldn’t find all the wanted colors in the same size so i had to make sure my contour shapes were not bigger then the sheets. The best kind of weight of the paper should at best be somewhere around 200 gr/m or more. Also, check if the paper is not to cheap because that would probably result in very pale colors after a couple of weeks :).

Step 3 what you need: – several sheets of 200gr paper in the colors you like, who are big enough to fit your picture frame. – picture frame of choice, keep in mind that you need as much space for creating depth in your artwork. – self sticking foam board / or just cardboard to create space between the paper sheets. – cutting mat, scissors, precision knife, ruler, pencil, glue, tape, eraser In this video i used an oval picture frame, but you can off course use every kind of frame as you prefer.

Step 4 … detailed text to guide the video coming soon!

For this DIY Paper Ocean Topography Map i needed a few hours or so 🙂

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